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Morgan "Momo" Is Our 2016-17 Mass. Champion


Strong-willed Morgan, or “Momo,” tackled acute lymphoblastic leukemia with true princess flair. She showed up for doctor appointments wearing sparkling shoes and tutus, earning another nickname when she lost her hair: “fuzzy princess.”

After two-and-a-half years of daily chemotherapy treatments, multiple spinal taps and hospitalizations, Momo’s friends and family gathered to celebrate her last treatment with a “No Mo Chemo” party. Nobody was happier than Momo’s mom, who exclaimed, “Today is the day! She is set free to be a kid, a cancer-free kid.”

Momo charms and inspires all those around her with a can-do attitude, a kind heart and an ability to make people laugh. She enjoys arts and crafts, swimming, singing, dancing, playing with her guinea pigs and playing ice hockey. Whatever she does with her life, you can bet she’ll do it with a smile and a twirl.

How donations helped Morgan at Baystate Children’s Hospital:  

CMN Hospitals donations purchased infusion kits for Momo and other pediatric oncology patients and also helped provide new inpatient room pull-out couches that her parents especially appreciated. Donations also support the immensely important child life program.