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Hattie: 2022 CMN Ambassador for Baystate Children’s Hospital

Every year, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals asks each of its member hospitals to identify a “Champion” to serve as the face for the millions of children treated by children’s hospitals annually. These ambassadors spend one year advocating for the charitable need of the hospital where they received their care. This year, Baystate Children’s Hospital selected Hattie Avigliano to be our 2022 Champion!

While pregnant, Aileen Avigliano was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, a complication of pregnancy characterized by hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, and a low platelet count. Her daughter Harriett, “Hattie,” was born 15 weeks early, weighing just 1 pound. She had respiratory difficulties, difficulty feeding, and maintaining a normal temperature. “Few people really know what you go through—the stress of having a baby in the NICU. The nurses were a super support system for us and we knew Harriett was in good hands in the NICU,” says Aileen.

We recently caught up with Hattie and Aileen to ask them a few questions:

  • Were there any team members at Baystate Children’s Hospital who left a lasting impression on your family? Stacey Thomas (nurse)
  • How do you feel today? I feel great!! 
  • What advice do you have for families who currently have a child in the Davis Neonatal Intensive Care Unit?You and your family will receive the most amazing care. Everyone in that unit will become like family to you.
  • What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip
  • Why I supporting Baystate Children’s Hospital important to you? Without the help of Baystate Children’s Hospital we wouldn’t be the family of 4 that we are today. We can’t do enough to thank them.

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